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History of WF Plastic Wholesale Packaging and Cleaning Supplies

A Brief History of WF Plastic

WF Plastic Pty Ltd commenced trading in 1995. Since those early days, we have grown to span 4 warehouses in Warwick Farm, near Liverpool NSW. We stock a comprehensive range of wholesale food packaging and cleaning supplies primarily for the food services industry with locally stocked inventory now well in excess of 2,000 lines.

Family Owned and Run

We’re a family owned and run Australian food packaging wholesaler focused on supplying cost effective packaging and cleaning solutions to our customers Australia wide. We operate a fleet of delivery vehicles servicing the Sydney metropolitan area, and deliver Australia wide using a hand picked network of trusted carriers. Feel free to call in to see us, call on the phone, or email your enquiry. Our customer service team is fluent in a range of languages including English, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin and Teo Chew.

WF Plastic Wholesale Food Packaging and Cleaning Supplies is a family owned and run business in Sydney Australia
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Our web store has well over 2,000 lines of food packaging and cleaning supplies complete with comprehensive descriptions, photographs, articles, wholesale pricing and more. Take a look at our growing inventory of biodegradable packaging, consider custom printed packaging or grab our regular lines and take advantage of our free and subsidised shipping offers. You’ll earn rewards points every time you purchase your packaging online at WF Plastic, and they can be redeemed as soon as your next order.

Disposable Packaging

Caterers, cafes, clubs...

Restaurants, takeaways,butchers, meal prep...

Our Clients

Our diverse range of products has been carefully selected to meet the requirements of businesses from all aspects of the food services industry including restaurants, takeaways, butchers, cafes, meal prep, caterers, cleaners and shops. Our packaging lines are also perfect for resellers, bargain stores, chemists, service stations, motels, hotels, clubs and much more.

Whilst we are predominantly a Business to Business (B2B) company, we also sell packaging and cleaning supplies to the public at wholesale prices over the internet, telephone and onsite at our warehouses in Warwick Farm, Sydney.

Our knowledgeable team specialises in advising start up companies about the sorts of packaging and cleaning equipment that they’ll require before they open the doors for the first time. Additionally, we have custom print specialists onsite who can provide you with advice about custom printing your packaging, and who can manage your custom print runs from end to end for you.

WF Plastic supplies disposable wholesale food packaging and cleaning supplies to caterers, restaurants, cafes, butchers, delis and more
WF Plastic Wholesale Takeaway Containers

More than 2000 packaging lines

Wholesale packaging and cleaning supplies

Our Product Range

Our product range is huge. We stock in excess of 2,000 lines of packaging and cleaning supplies at our warehouses in Warwick Farm, NSW including:

  • Toilet Paper & Facial Tissue
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Biodegradable Packaging
  • Custom Printed Packaging
  • Plastic Takeaway Containers
  • Cardboard Takeaway Containers
  • Plastic Bags, Paper Bags & Bread Bags
  • Plastic Plates & Plastic Cups
  • Foam Clams & Foam Trays
  • Foam Cups & Foam Plates
  • Latex Gloves, Nitrile Gloves & Vinyl Gloves
  • Paper Coffee Cups & Coffee Cup Lids
  • Butchers Paper & Greaseproof Paper
  • Paper Napkins & Paper Towels
  • Carry Bags & Shopping Bags
  • Disposable Plastic Cutlery
  • Laundry Powder & Fabric Softener
  • Cling Wrap, Baking Paper & Aluminium Foil
  • Pallet Wrap & Bulk Film
  • Cardboard Cup Trays & Drink Trays
  • Cardboard Snack Boxes & Chip Boxes

Caring For The Environment


The team at WF Plastic are big fans of biodegradable packaging. We have the full range of BioPak environmentally friendly packaging ready to go. With more and more councils and event organisers requiring environmentally friendly packaging, BioPak packaging is a high quality and readily accessible solution. Samples of the whole BioPak food packaging range are available at our Warwick Farm warehouses and can also be sent to you free of charge Australia wide for evaluation. Have a talk to the team here at WF about your compostable packaging needs. We’d love to help you to move towards greener packaging alternatives.

BioPak Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging at WF Plastic 600x559-min